The Best Maintenance Tips for The Exterior of Your Home


Homes require maintenance to prevent damage and with regular checks you can minimise the risk of problems and save yourself money. Spring in New Zealand is a good time to do work needed, when the weather is generally fine. Regular checks are also a good idea in autumn to get your home ready for the coldest, wettest months.

Check and clean gutters

Gutters filled with leaves, plants and other debris such as nesting material will not be able to do their prescribed job of taking rainwater safely from your roof to your drainage system. If the gutters cannot drain well then water could enter your home and cause further problems. If you collect rainwater for the garden then having debris in the collection tank could cause a blockage in the taps. Be safety aware when using ladders to access high gutters: have someone with you to assist with keeping the ladder stable.

Check and clean drains

If drains are blocked then they could cause localised flooding around your home and allow for water to enter your home. A blocked drain could also end up smelling really bad from stagnant water. A drain that does not clear will provide a home for insects such as mosquitoes to breed. Clear drains with natural chemicals such as baking soda and vinegar to avoid polluting waterways with toxic chemicals.

Be aware of what you are washing down the sinks, toilets and drains to avoid material building up. If in doubt call in professionals with equipment, they have cameras to check for the source of any blockage. Clear drains of any leaf litter and keep the drain covers clear of debris.

Check windows and doors

Checking window and door frames for draughts can help keep your home warm in winter. If you have wooden frames check for any signs of rot or insect attacks (little borer holes could indicate an active infestation). Repair or replace as necessary to prevent the damage spreading. Sanding back and coating frames with a new coat of paint or stain can help protect them and extend their life. Check that any insect screens are damage free and repair or replace as necessary to keep the insects out.

Weed paths and driveways

Allowing weeds to grow in paths or along driveways will eventually lead to damage as the roots get bigger and the plants spread. It is much easier to do a regular check and pull them up when they are small plants. Chemicals pollute waterways so either pull up manually or use a vinegar mix to kill them.

Repair/repaint fences and gates

Fence maintenance will depend on the material your fences are made from. Timber fences may need repair, stripping back and staining or painting. Using a good quality stain/paint designed for exterior use will last longer, giving you more time between required maintenance.

Metal or brick fences need checking for any signs of damage from plants or ground movements. An unstable fence or wall could be dangerous to passers-by or your own family. Check for any gaps or holes that may have been caused by your children or pets and fix them. If your fences are beyond repair look at replacing them entirely for safety and home security, with is particularly important around pool areas.

If you have old or damaged pool fencing in North Shore, Auckland, contact AC Martian Metalworks to sort it out for you. They can supply new pool fencing in a range of materials and colours to keep your loved ones safe. Visit for gates and fences supplied Auckland-wide as well as gates and fences for North Shore areas.


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